Utah family who took care of widow shocked by her death, say her companion dog and best friend was stolen days before

A family is in shock after a woman they adopted as part of their family passed away, just days after her beloved dog went missing under suspicious circumstances.

The Johnson family said the dog, who belonged to an 82-year-old woman named Rosa who the family took care of due to the fact that she was widowed, and had no family in Salt Lake City, went missing on Nov. 25.

“Rosa did not have family of her own, but we have become her adopted family and we, with our young children, have cared for her for the past several years,” the family said.

When taking a meal to Rosa and the dog on Nov. 25, Chris Johnson noticed that the animal, whose name is Tommy, was missing.

The Johnson family believes that Tommy was taken from Rosa, and did not run away on his own.

“His disappearance was devastating to Rosa, as Tommy rarely left her side these past 2 years,” the Johnsons said. “Our 3 young kids, who have helped care for Tommy and Rosa every day for the past few years have also been heartbroken at his unexplained disappearance.”

Ten days after Tommy was allegedly taken, the Johnsons said that Rosa passed away. The family said that her health had been deteriorating, but they also believed that her passing was partially due to the loss of her dog and companion.

“We believe that the heartbreak from losing her companion was just too much to bear,” the Johnsons said. “She celebrated her 82nd birthday just 10 days before her passing with chocolate cake, singing and smiles. The loss of Tommy, just a few days later, left her despondent and heartbroken.”

The Johnson’s pleaded for the public’s help in locating Tommy. They stated that they are offering a $1,000 reward, no questions asked, for his return.

“We would also love to request and plead with the public to look for opportunities to serve or do an act of kindness for someone who is lonely, sad or in need this holiday season,” the Johnsons said. “We would love to honor our dear Rosa by encouraging others to be a light in the life of someone who may really need it.”

Salt Lake City Police confirmed to Fox 13 that there was an open case for the missing dog.

Pictures of Tommy and Rosa can be seen below:


EVMs Reach Storage 2 Days After MP Polls, Congress Alleges Tampering

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A controversy has broken out in Madhya Pradesh over the delay in Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs reaching the collection centre in Sagar on Friday, a full 48 hours after voting ended in the state elections on Wednesday.

The EVMs were kept at a police station in Khurai city in the district, where Madhya Pradesh home minister Bhupendra Singh is the BJP legislator. He is contesting against Congress’s Arunoday Chaubey.

The Congress has alleged that before being brought to the collection centre to be stored till counting day, the EVMs were taken to a hotel owned by Bhupendra Singh. Hundreds of agitated Congress workers on Friday protested outside the collection centre demanding an inquiry and action against officials involved. They allege it is the ruling BJP’s attempt to manipulate results.

“In Madhya Pradesh home minister’s area, EVMs were deposited using a bus without a registration plate, 48 hours after polling. Is this a conspiracy by the government to ensure a BJP win?” the Madhya Pradesh Congress tweeted.

The Chief Electoral Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, however, said these EVMs were not used for voting, and were among the ones kept on standby to be used in case of a technical snag. Sources say there were 34 such EVMs.

“These are EVMs kept as ‘Reserve’ stationed at some Police stations, to be used as replacement for malfunctioning machines during Poll. Such machines were to be stored separately from polled EVMs. Strong room having Polled EVMs was neither opened nor was supposed to be opened,” the Chief Electoral Officer tweeted.

“Every EVM has a unique number code for it. The numbers of EVM used in polling have been shared with all political parties. The numbers of reserved EVM’s have been checked by political parties in sagar districts. Their numbers are different,” the Chief Electoral Officer also said.

EVMs are sealed and transported immediately to collection centres after polling ends.

Sources in the BJP say transporting the EVMs is the duty of the Election Commission and they have nothing to say on the controversy.


The Congress in Madhya Pradesh is hoping to unseat the BJP, which has been in power for the last 15 years. The state recorded a voter turnout of over 74 per cent, higher than what it did in last elections in 2013. Results will be declared on December 11.


Lenovo Z5 to Offer 45 Days of Standby Time, Company Teases

Lenovo Z5 to Offer 45 Days of Standby Time, Company Teases

Lenovo has been building too much hype around its upcoming smartphone, and we are starting to wonder whether it will be able to live up to it. After announcing a 4TB mammoth internal storage space, and a full screen no-chin-whatsoever display, the company’s VP Chang Cheng is now claiming that the Lenovo Z5 will have 45 days of standby time. This amounts to 1080 hours of standby time, which is only possible if the Lenovo Z5 packs a dinosaur battery.

This latest information was again posted by Cheng on Weibo. He has been regularly dropping teasers on the social networking site, and the latest being that the Lenovo Z5 can offer up for 45 days of standby time. While standby time is very impressive, the real question is how much it can survive voice calls, video playback, and Web browsing. In any case, the company is expected to hold an event on June 14 and we will know whether all these teasers hold true to their word or not.

Cheng, on the same Weibo post, also announced that the launch event invitations will be rolled out soon enough. Early teasers revealed that the Lenovo Z5 will sport a full screen display with no notch at the top or bottom to house all the sensors. Furthermore, the camera samples leaked recently claimed that the smartphone will sport an AI dual camera as well, at the back. The smartphone is also tipped to come with mammoth 4TB of internal storage thanks to “particle technology”. Cheng claims that with this much storage, the smartphone will be able to hold 2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos. Looking at the specification and design details cropping up, we expect this device to be positioned in the premium smartphone range.