Meat pie flies high

The 2018 NewSpace FlashBuild is encouraging Australia to launch into a space tech future with the help of a humble Aussie meat pie.

With backing from the NSW government’s Boosting Business Innovation Program, a group effort led by UNSW’s TechConnect and supported by launch company SpaceOps and space tech coordinator Delta-V led to smashing a world record for ‘pie altitude’ in Merriwa in NSW.

A Garlo’s meat pie was taken more than 30 kilometres above the earth through the stratosphere in a balloon that was the culmination of a four-day sprint of workshops, linking experienced teams of engineers and with students and business to rapidly prototype and deploy solutions to a range of mission-related challenges.

The experimental project was executed using 100 per cent Australian space tech – and 100 per cent Australia meat and pastry.

“Australians don’t appreciate that we have some of the brightest minds in space tech operating in this country,” UNSW TechConnect Flashbuild organiser Alex Herihly said.

“There are abundant economic opportunities opening up, especially with small satellites. Furthermore, as a global leader in mining, Australia is well-placed to take the lead on new space-mining opportunities as well.”

As an opportunity to build awareness in the potential of space technology, the team said they wanted to prove that when Australians set their minds on space, anything is possible, even getting a pie in the sky.

“For Australia to seize our opportunities in space we need the next generation engaged. Sending a meat pie up past the stratosphere here in Muswellbrook is a great way of sending that message,” Herihly said.