Community members help family move after trees fall on home

One Bedford County family was forced to move after today’s storm damaged their home.

The Merie family woke up to early Thursday morning to heavy rain.

Lily, Hope and mom, Jenein were making breakfast. “We heard a giant sonic boom, I thought it was a bomb, honestly I thought it was a bomb that had gone off,” recalled Jenein Merie.

One tree landed above the kitchen.
The other, “Right outside my daughter’s window is where the biggest of the trees came down,” Merie said pointing out Lily’s window.

The trees left holes in the roof and rain pouring through the ceiling.

The trio was planning to move from their Forest next week.

They were getting ready to close on a new home in Bluefield, Va.

But the damage forced them to move sooner, and the family needed help. “Social media at it’s finest… People just saw the post and started showing up,” exclaimed Merie.

One by one, volunteers from all over the community came to help.

Including Jennifer Reynolds, who arrived first. “[I] Just rushed over here and got here and she needed a uHaul and I took up and got her a U-Haul, called up my church, Timberlake Methodist Church and they sent people and here we are, getting it done,” she said.

They spend the morning packing up bags and boxes to help a family in need.

An act of kindness that’s left this mom speechless. “…It’s just people being so kind, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude,” Merie said.

Everything has been moved out of the home into free storage units given by U-Haul.

For now, the three will be staying with family until the closing on their new home is finalized.