Cricket, Kerala flood and festivals gathered millions of Indians on Facebook in 2018

Facebook became a very important medium of connectivity between the victims and the world during the flood hit Kerala

Facebook users in India were noticed getting connected more during the time of festivals, events like Kerala flood and cricket in 2018, according to the social media giant.

The company’s 2018 review report said that India set Facebook buzzing on festivals in 2018 with Janmashtami, Eid-al-adha, Pongal, and Navratri driving the most conversations on the platform.

Topics in India that were talked the most on Facebook in 2018

Indian community gathered in large numbers on the social media platform when the disastrous flood hit Kerala, lending support and help to the victims.

Facebook was used as a medium to connect the victims to their relatives for help and informing about their safety through features like safety check tool, live, creating a page and raising funds.

Cricket continued to rule the hearts of Indian sports fans on Facebook as it became one of the most popular topics on the platform.

Millions of football fans from India came together during the FIFA football World Cup 2018 to support their favourite teams.

After Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s demise, several users were seen coming together to express their sadness on the platform.

Global topics that were talked the most on Facebook in 2018

Topics such as International Women’s Day, March for our lives, and The Royal Wedding became the most discussed topic internationally in 2018.

The International Women’s Day was the most talked about moment of the year in a row.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19 connected about 42 million people from around the world, posting about the wedding and the newly wedded.

July 18 marked 100 years since Nelson Mandela was born and millions of people took to the platform to celebrate his life which was dedicated to human rights and social justice.


Festival and venues band together to raise money for non-profit organisations

Festival and venues band together to raise money for non-profit organisations

The initiative has strongly scrutinised the country’s current laws around who pays tax and who doesn’t.

A number of iconic Aussie music organisations and venues have banded together to support changes to Australia’s taxation laws and raise funds for non-profit organisations.

Shake the Cage is an initiative designed to raise awareness around current tax laws in Australia, which exempt religiously-owned business, such as Sanatarium (the company that makes Weet Bix), from paying anything come tax time. Shake the Cage argues the potential taxes that are not paid due to these exemptions are preventing essential funding to hospitals, school and other public services.

The inaugural Shake the Cage Cup, taking place between Thursday November 15 and Saturday November 17, invites Aussies to go in the running for a $15,000 cash prize by creating brief videos advocating for their favourite non-profit organisations. The organisations then have the potential to win a portion of the money Shake the Cage hopes to raise.

The Cup has earned the support of Strawberry Fields and Laneway Festival, with festival tickets being offered as prizes for those keen to get involved with the cause


Festival of Neighbourhoods celebration happening Sunday in Kitchener

Kitchener City Hall 2

The 25th Annual Festival of Neighbourhoods Celebration is taking place on November 18, 2018 from 1pm to 3pm at Kitchener City Hall Rotunda. We are celebrating all the gatherings put together by neighbours for neighbours as we continue to foster and grow community by encouraging citizens to come together across diversity within their neighbourhoods. This year, besides community clean-ups, BBQs, porch parties, and fun fairs, we have seen new ways for making lasting relationships such as backyard sessions, mix and mingle, rallies and street playdates. Neighbours will have an opportunity to connect and share stories of what they did to meet the Inclusion Challenge and make their gatherings more accessible and welcoming.

Forty-eight neighbourhoods have registered a total of 123 inclusive neighbourhood gatherings hosted between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018. More than 11,000 people took part in activities organized by a thousand neighbours.

The REACH! Inclusion Challenge is evolving and this year, we will be recognizing four inclusive gatherings thanks to the long-standing leadership of the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region. City of Kitchener will be giving out two Neighbourhood Improvement Grants, $20,000 each. The Neighbourhood Connections Award, offered to a neighbourhood struggling to improve social conditions, offered by the Social Development Centre, will be renamed in memory of Trudy Beaulne, the founder of the Festival of Neighbourhoods and the visionary who mentored us all in building more compassionate and inclusive neighbourhoods.

Sponsors joining us this year are: Boehmers Hargest Block, Steed and Evans, Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association, Alejandra Ivic Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc., Grand Valley Society of Architects, Strassburger Windows and Doors, Mumby Insurance Brokers, Swanson’s Home Hardware Building Centre, Freure Homes, Waterloo Regional Police Service, Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region, ASCEND.

“The concept is to meet neighbours, build a stronger social network, increase our sense of community.” Message from Doon South neighbours


Kolkata Film Fest Finds Many Critics Over Mamata Banerjee’s Poster Frenzy

The 24th Kolkata International Film Festival got off to a starry start on Wednesday with movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Waheeda Rehman sharing the stage with the host, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

But innumerable giant photos of Mamata Banerjee plastered at the popular main venue of the festival – the Nandan Auditorium Complex – has sparked a debate, especially after a filmmaker was publicly critical about “excess” at a panel discussion at the venue itself.

Mamata Banerjee has never made a film. So why are her photos plastered all over the place? That’s what many film buffs are asking.

One of the most critical comments came from Anik Dutta, a filmmaker known for his hugely successful film ‘Bhooter Bhobbishot‘ that released in 2012.

He was invited to a panel discussion at the film festival venue. The topic was, ‘Who makes a film – the producer or director’. Mr Dutta said, if the venue of the Kolkata film festival is anything to go by, then it is the political person whose portraits are plastered all over.

“When I walked in through the gates, I saw the Nandan logo designed by Satyajit Ray hemmed in by big flexes with someone’s face – a political leader not related to films. When I went for a panel discussion, I just aired my view in a humorous way,” Mr Dutta told NDTV.


The 2018 Kolkata International Film Festival is being held from Nov 10, 2018 and Nov 17, 2018.

“I said if someone comes to Nandan today, he or she might think that there is only one person who makes the films here,” he said, adding, “We are used to it in the rest of the city. But at the film festival venue, I didn’t like it and said so.”

His comments triggered a storm on social media, with bouquets and brickbats flying.

One person sarcastically called Mr Dutta “a one-film wonder” as only one of his films has been a hit so far; others accused him of being a communist

But many messages were congratulatory, applauded his criticism as “a brave act” and mocked the government.

Mr Dutta is astonished. “I don’t know why I should be congratulated for simply speaking my mind,” he said.

Vox populi at the film festival venue were much more polite than on social media.

Upcoming actor Gautam Maitra said, “It’s a matter of pride that we are having this festival here only because of this lady and we are very proud of the fact that she is the backbone… so the pictures. But a little less would have been pleasing to the eye.”

Saran Kumar Dey, a visitor, found nothing wrong with the Mamata Banerjee pictures all over. “Why should they be an eyesore… It’s an exposure for her. After all, it’s her brain-work,” he said.


His friend Moushumi said, “Mamata Banerjee has turned the film festival into such a glamorous event and she deserves the credit. But filmmakers and film stars should have got more space.”


Saint Raphael Parish presents Christmas festival this weekend

Image result for Saint Raphael Parish presents Christmas festival this weekend

The holiday will arrive on the city’s West Side a little early this year when St. Raphael the Archangel Parish presents a Christmas festival complete with carolers, craft tables, special desserts and holiday goodies.

This is the first time in about 25 years that St. Raphael has organized a parish-wide fair open to the whole community, according to Therese V. Dame, co-chair of the event with Eileen F. Smith and Dorene H. Turner. All three are longtime parishioners at St. Raphael, 103 Walker St. in Manchester.

The festival will be held on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Activities will be both in the parish hall and in the gym, both accessible via Ferry Street.

The two venues will be transformed into a “Yuletide wonderland through the creativity of parishioner Lisa Grenert and her decorations committee,” said Dame.

On Saturday night, the Knights of Columbus, Arthur J. O’Neil Council 5112, based at St. Lawrence Parish in Goffstown, and St. Raphael will sponsor a spaghetti supper with meatballs and chicken parmesan beginning at 4.30 p.m.

On Sunday morning, the parish will have a pancake breakfast beginning at 10.30 a.m.

In addition, hot dogs, soups, pizza and popcorn, as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks will be available at the Christmas Café. Payment may be made on site.

More than two dozen crafters will display and sell their wares and products in the gymnasium, which also will be the site for a Kids’ Corner replete with games, crafts, face-painting and other activities for little ones.

“This will be a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to have a good time, while their parents enjoy the activities and events of the festival,” said Turner.

Among prizes to be awarded in the “Bigger is Better” raffle will be a week’s time share at the Samoset Resort in Maine; a new laptop computer; a 50-inch television; a trail bicycle; a glider, swivel easy chair and ottoman; and other prizes.

Prizes in the grand prize raffle are at the $1,000, $500 and $250 level; tickets for the Grand Prize raffle are $2 for one, $10 for a book of six. More than 150 prizes are available in the penny sale, Dame said.

For more information call the parish at 623-2604 or visit the website at